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Silver Heights Bible Church began in 1953 as a Sunday School with the purpose of having something year round for the children that attended the Griffin Bible Camp. In the spring of 1955, this Sunday School grew to become known as Grace Chapel. The church became a member of the Associated Gospel Churches in 1956. 

Two major building projects followed, the first one in 1958. It took five years to complete and served the people well for over twenty years. In 1980, it became obvious that this facility was no longer adequate for the growing congregation. With the same dedication and support, the present structure was built. 

On June 6, 1982, the first service was held under the new name of Silver Heights Bible Church.


Silver Heights Bible Church continues to grow, with the vision of being a church that cares for families.


In the days ahead, we as a church and individually, want Christ to have first place in every part of our lives.



To glorify God and develop faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Our objectives are evangelism, edification and equipping.



Silver Heights Bible Church is a member of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada. 

Our purpose is to glorify God as we help one another become faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

View our Statement of Faith here.


Ken  Easterbrook
Lead Pastor

Andrew Ruten
Associate Pastor

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